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Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Jan 26 11:59:30 EST 2021

Hi Claude,

thanks for the exampl; your png looks awful :(

I just ran this on my machine using the thirdparty version of svglib we have in rlextra and the png output looks fine. I 
think this svglib was last synced at with 0.8.1, but changes were made last in 2018/11/15


1) what version of svglib are you using? I can then replicate almost surely.

2) I attach the result of running my svglib to produce a python file which represents exactly which rl graphics ops are 
being used, claude-example.py; when I run it I see a good png.

3) Can you try to produce a python output with your svglib. Direct comparison with mine will show where the svglib is 
producing differences.

4) Also what OS, python versions are being used? I am using python 3.9.1 archlinux x86_amd64.

On 26/01/2021 15:48, Claude Paroz wrote:
> Le 26.01.21 à 14:48, Robin Becker a écrit :
>> On 26/01/2021 08:57, Claude Paroz wrote:
>>> Le 22.01.21 à 14:59, Robin Becker a écrit :
>>>> At any rate I have checked in and published version 3.5.60 which addresses the issue regarding stroking and drawing 
>>>> text. I'm almost certain it has broken the text clipping functionality, but it does seem to work for 
>>........59 and can try and do differencing; but a known example will make things hugely
>> easier. If unable to find what's wrong I will just revert all the changes.
> You can reproduce it by running the example code of:
> https://github.com/claudep/swiss-qr-bill#outputting-as-pdf-or-bitmap
> Hereby a sample SVG, and the renderPM output with ReportLab 3.5.59 and 3.5.60.
> Regards,
> Claude

Robin Becker
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