[reportlab-users] Reportlab issue list

Claude Paroz claude at 2xlibre.net
Tue Jan 26 03:57:24 EST 2021

Le 22.01.21 à 14:59, Robin Becker a écrit :
> At any rate I have checked in and published version 3.5.60 which 
> addresses the issue regarding stroking and drawing text. I'm almost 
> certain it has broken the text clipping functionality, but it does seem 
> to work for stroking+filling, stroking alone and filling alone the last 
> being the default.

The renderPM part of 3.5.60 seems to be broken now. In another related 
project, the resulting images are bad (many artifacts) and the rendering 
does output many "x_order_2: colinear!" lines.
I don't know if it's due to this change.


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