[reportlab-users] Is it possible to insert mailto address in paragraphs

Alain Aupeix alain.aupeix at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 7 06:35:25 EST 2016

Le 07/11/2016 à 10:58, Alain Aupeix a écrit :
> Le 07/11/2016 à 10:12, Andy Robinson a écrit :
> So, I think it's not possible to just indicate the filename.
I agree, all my tests reports such impossibility, but I have found a way 
to do it.

Creating the pdf doesn't change, imbedding the complete path, but adding 
a symbolic link to the user folder does the trick.

My user folder is alain
My tool allows to create file links having another user name in the 
path, I tested it

alain at Gramps-JujuLand:/home$ sudo ln -s -T alain gadel

Opening the attachment works like a charm :)

In fact, in real use where I want to deploy it, I have 2 computers, with 
one user for the first, and two users for the second computer.

SyncThing syncs the same folder for each user : Documents, so, on the 
first computer, I must create two symbolic links : gadel and 
anne-sophie, and on the second computer a link named jacques.

So each pdf attachment linked in each pdf created by one user will be 
openable by each other user.

If I use my feature to replace the user folder name in the inifile of 
the two users of the second computer, replacing their user names by 
jacques, I only need to create a link named jacques on the second computer.

Obviously, it only works if pathes (except user name) are identical.


> Thanks
> A+

Alain Aupeix
U.buntu 12.04 | G.ramps 3.4.9-1 | H.arbour 3.2.0dev (2016-10-21 05:54) | 
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