[reportlab-users] ReportLab 3.x packaging and deployment

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Jan 14 05:22:02 EST 2014



>> Dumb questions, but will all the pips and easy_installs out there in

>> the wild know what to do with a wheel? Do they actually remove the

>> need for us to ship .msi or .exe, today?


In order to get a wheel out of the py33 branch on win32 I needed to

1) ensure setuptools was installed (not true on by default python 3.3).
2) pip install wheel
3) modify setup.py to override distutils setup with setuptools.setup
4) python setup.py bdist_wheel

that creates a win32 wheel alongside the other dists.

> I can speak only for myself ... but I relish the day when my build-out of a

> python install means run the python installer and then *everything* else is pip

> inside a venv. The ability to get full binary installs that way sounds like a

> dream come true. (I'll have one less reason to be jealous of those that get to

> work in a posix environment.)


> But, as you said, the newness of it very possibly means your user/customer base

> won't be ready to give up the exe/msi method for a while. I'd like to hear

> others chime in.


> Michael

I personally quite like the concept, but presumably the world will be split into
two or three camps, those which need a binary installer Windows 32/64, (OS X
perhaps) and those which don't eg unices which come with a standard compiler
setup. Unfortunately many distributions now split off the dev parts and use
binary packages in their own format.

The implication is that source builds become harder for those systems where it
ought to be easiest.

Will pip know how to download the appropriate reportlab.deb for a
debian/mint/ubuntu system and install into a venv or will we be responsible for
creating an assortment of wheels or do we just rely on source packages and try
and guess where all the required libs are?
Robin Becker

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