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Marc Tompkins marc.tompkins at gmail.com
Tue May 14 13:36:40 EDT 2013

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com> wrote:

> I'm sorry to say that this isn't a new problem; Adobe has been doing

> this for many, many years. It is also linked to your printer model.


Indeed - for as long as I've been generating forms and mailing labels, I've
had to warn my users to watch out for scaling. It's frustrating -
especially in my medical-billing-form programs, I've done some painstaking
measurements and adjustments, and Adobe comes along and thinks he's smarter
than me?

> I have not found, and do not believe that there exists in current Adobe

> > Reader versions 10 and 11, any way to set the default printing to always

> use

> > "Actual Size".


Actually, if you set it once (and exit Reader normally) your choice will
"stick". In my experience it will randomly change back to Auto Scale (or
whatever the current terminology is) at some point in the future - but it
does save your preferences, at least for a while. It's been this way

Also, when you upgrade to a new version, it will most likely revert to the
default setting.

I'd like to slip in a plug for Foxit Reader, which I like much, much better
than Adobe Reader; it's always been smaller, lighter, and faster than Adobe
Reader (although in the past couple of versions they too have started to
bloat a bit.) Foxit also defaults to automatic scaling the first time you
use it, but (in my experience) is much less capricious about forgetting
your preferences later on. Also, should you choose to upgrade to their
full product (called "Phantom") it's less than $100, as opposed to $300-400
for Acrobat.

It's available from www.foxitsoftware.com, and - even better - as an option
at www.ninite.com (which I can't praise highly enough.)

(Not affiliated with either company, just a very happy user.)
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