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The Helmbolds helmrp at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 12:17:18 EDT 2013

FYI, I have discovered a crucial part of the problem, and it lies with Adobe Reader.

The new versions of Adobe Reader (i.e., versions 10 and 11) default to printing pdf files to "fit" them to page (using default margins). As far as I can see, this means that:

> All scaling done in Report Lab is destroyed by the Adobe Reader default. For example, cutout patterns will not print to the correct scale. Nor will tables, forms, or other *.pdf files that need to maintain an exact scale.

> Report Lab tables or any other *.pdf items that must be "registered" to specific locations on the printed output page will not be placed in their correct locations.

One work-around is to first "display" the Report Lab output to the screen (for example, by using os.system(outfilename), and then manually use Adobe Reader's "File" options to select the "Actual Size" option before printing. I find this extremely annoying, as it has to be done again for each new print job.

I have not found, and do not believe that there exists in current Adobe Reader versions 10 and 11, any way to set the default printing to always use "Actual Size". There may be a way to do this in Adobe Acrobat, but that's too expensive for our little library.
Bob and Paula Helmbold
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