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J. R. Carroll jrcarroll at jrcresearch.net
Wed Jun 19 09:22:19 EDT 2013


I'm trying to help someone on stackoverflow.com with an issue he is having
with ReportLab and RTL wrapping/flowables, but I've never done RTL dev and
I don't speak the language he is working in (so it's very difficult for me
to see where the problem is).

If you are interested in helping him or have some insight you might check
out his post.

Furthermore, I did find this: http://www.reportlab.com/software/dev/ but
I couldn't find a date or version associated with this (I see it's under
the ubiquitous 'dev' URI, so I suspect it's still in development), but I
was wondering if there are any updates to this that aren't posted on the



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