[reportlab-users] Report generation time is not optimized - ideas?

J. R. Carroll jrcarroll at jrcresearch.net
Thu Jan 3 09:54:39 EST 2013

Hi Andy,

In quick reply, just to cap off this thread in case someone else comes
along, I was able to do *import _rl_accel*. This is the resulting output
of dir():

>>> for i in dir(_rl_accel):

> ... print i

> ...

> Box

> BoxList

> Glue

> Penalty

> _AsciiBase85Decode

> _AsciiBase85Encode

> __doc__

> __file__

> __name__

> __package__

> _instanceEscapePDF

> _instanceStringWidthTTF

> _instanceStringWidthU

> _reset

> _sameFrag

> add32

> add32L

> calcChecksum

> calcChecksumL

> error

> escapePDF

> fp_str

> hex32

> unicode2T1

> version

I suspect everything is compiled correctly since I am getting this list.

Thanks for that diagnostic tool!

As an aside - am I correct in thinking that just having rl_accel available
is enough to make use of it's benefits? I do not have to implicitly
call/use it in my own scripts?



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On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 4:22 PM, Andy Robinson <andy at reportlab.com> wrote:



> On 2 January 2013 19:40, J. R. Carroll <jrc.csus at gmail.com> wrote:


>> Throwing this out there, hoping to catch an idea or two:


>> The Setting: our company has an open embedded device that we have

>> installed reportlab to. On our local machines, it takes the report less

>> than a second to generate the PDF and save to disk - very quick - very nice

>> (thank you!). On the target device it's taking anywhere from 6.5sec to

>> 15.sec - not the best case scenario I can think of.


>> *Question 1*: .. Is he correct in thinking there is no other package he

>> can install to improve PDF generation times?



> Can you get at a shell on the embedded devices, or write some diagnostic

> scripts? If you can 'import _rl_accel' without error, the accelerator code

> is compiled and on the path. (My first, wild guess is that you either have

> not compiled it or ended up with it not on the path...)





>> *Question 2*: Is there anything we can purchase from reportlab that

>> will make this faster (aka ReportLab Plus)?


>> To answer some of your (potential) questions and comments: We are

>> drawing thousands of tiny-tiny-tiny lines to generate waveforms, this is

>> why it takes so long. I will be profiling the code in the next few days as

>> well, looking at what I have written to see where I can make improvements,

>> but I wanted to see if there was any room for optimization on the reportlab

>> side (for what we've installed or could install) before I hammer away at my

>> stuff (which will certainly result in better performance once I identify

>> all my garbage code).


>> ...



> If the application is that specific, there are definitely some other ways

> we could help you go to a lower level. Best to drop me a line directly and

> I'd be happy to discuss supporting your solution.


> Best Regards,



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