[reportlab-users] Report generation time is not optimized - ideas?

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Jan 2 16:22:54 EST 2013

On 2 January 2013 19:40, J. R. Carroll <jrc.csus at gmail.com> wrote:

> Throwing this out there, hoping to catch an idea or two:


> The Setting: our company has an open embedded device that we have

> installed reportlab to. On our local machines, it takes the report less

> than a second to generate the PDF and save to disk - very quick - very nice

> (thank you!). On the target device it's taking anywhere from 6.5sec to

> 15.sec - not the best case scenario I can think of.


> *Question 1*: .. Is he correct in thinking there is no other package he

> can install to improve PDF generation times?


Can you get at a shell on the embedded devices, or write some diagnostic
scripts? If you can 'import _rl_accel' without error, the accelerator code
is compiled and on the path. (My first, wild guess is that you either have
not compiled it or ended up with it not on the path...)


> *Question 2*: Is there anything we can purchase from reportlab that will

> make this faster (aka ReportLab Plus)?


> To answer some of your (potential) questions and comments: We are drawing

> thousands of tiny-tiny-tiny lines to generate waveforms, this is why it

> takes so long. I will be profiling the code in the next few days as well,

> looking at what I have written to see where I can make improvements, but I

> wanted to see if there was any room for optimization on the reportlab side

> (for what we've installed or could install) before I hammer away at my

> stuff (which will certainly result in better performance once I identify

> all my garbage code).


> ...


If the application is that specific, there are definitely some other ways
we could help you go to a lower level. Best to drop me a line directly and
I'd be happy to discuss supporting your solution.

Best Regards,

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