[reportlab-users] Force Table to dispaly in one page rather than in next page

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Sat Jun 25 04:01:14 EDT 2011

On 25 June 2011 07:53, Asif Jamadar <asif.jamadar at rezayat.net> wrote:


> Hey andy,


>        I have another question about tables in reportlab. Currently in my app my table is dynamic, means it uses data from the database. Now my question is if values in database are increased then how should I fit table in one page.


> I tested using multiple values from the database so table is continued in next page so how should I force this table to be appeared in a single page?


If a table is too big to fit on one page, it splits over multiple
pages. What else can we do?

However, there is a flowable
'reportlab.platypus.flowables.KeepInFrame' which will let you 'wrap
up' a table or anything else, and specify what to do if it gets too
big. One of the options is to shrink the content to fit. So if a
table is 10-20% too big, maybe it's a solution. But if one day
your content is 10x too big, you'll end up with a table which is quite
hard to read!

- Andy

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