[reportlab-users] split table cell on next page

Arkadi Colson arkadi at smartbit.be
Tue May 26 04:14:00 EDT 2009


I have a problem with a table with to columns and multiple rows. On the
left side there is only one sentence but the right side can contain a
big paragraph. Even that big that is doesn't fit on 1 page any more.

So then I receive the following error building the pdf:
reportlab.platypus.doctemplate.LayoutError: Flowable <Table at
47349749136272 3 rows x 2 cols> with cell(0,0) containing
'<Paragraph at 0x2b1078fcea28>Aanpak (hoe?)' too large on page 14

Is there a solution for this to let reportlab render the pdf anyway?

Thanks in advance,
Arkadi Colson
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