[reportlab-users] split table cell on next page

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Tue May 26 04:37:28 EDT 2009

2009/5/26 Arkadi Colson <arkadi at smartbit.be>:

> Hi,

> I have a problem with a table with to columns and multiple rows. On the left

> side there is only one sentence but the right side can contain a big

> paragraph. Even that big that is doesn't fit on 1 page any more.

We cannot split within table cells. So, if you have a table cell too
big to fit on a page, you're in trouble.

If you know this is going to happen, you'll have to design your data
or document differently. If it's something that can occur sometimes
with exceptional values, and you want to know where without getting a
traceback, is there any way you can preprocess the data and truncate
exceptionally long values, or warn before formatting starts?

- Andy

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