[reportlab-users] Has PageCompression changed from RL12 to RL22?

Paolo G. Cantore paolo.cantore at t-online.de
Sat Oct 25 05:37:52 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm the service provider for a globally acting IT system.

Every day we are sending out several thousands of emails with an
attachment of
PDF documents generated with Reportlab Toolkit (PageCompression enabled).

When I was trying to upgrade from version 1.20 to 2.2 our customers
where not
able to open the documents with Adobe Reader anymore. Only a blank page was

I had to go back to version 1.20 immediately to prevent more complaints.

After a series of tests I found a possible reason. With PageCompression
the whole content of the document was put on a single line (length
~28.000 chars).

But in version 1.20 the compressed content is splitted into lines with a
of 60 characters ending with ^M (x'0d' = carriage return). This worked fine
for all of our customers.

Is my observation correct? Was it intended to change PageCompression

Please let me know.


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