[reportlab-users] Feature Request

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Oct 24 01:24:53 EDT 2008

2008/10/23 <henning.vonbargen at arcor.de>:

> Perhaps it'd make sense to set up a common SVN "playground" for us

> such that we can co-work and share ideas and code.


> I invite you as SVN committers for the wordaxe library, if you like!

> Or perhaps ReportLab.com could open a branch on SVN for contributions?

> That way other RL users would find it more easily.

> And BTW this would be a good place to create unofficial documentation and samples as well.

We'd be very happy to do this.

I'm travelling all this week and next and our office and SVN repository
are being moved in the meantime, so please bear with us as it can't
happen today. We'll get back to you with plans for this after the weekend.

Best Regards.

Andy Robinson
CEO/Chief Architect
ReportLab Europe Ltd.
165 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1NE, UK
Tel +44-20-8544-8049

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