[reportlab-users] Feature Request

Dirk Holtwick dirk.holtwick at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 12:59:14 EDT 2008

Hi Henning,

> Perhaps it'd make sense to set up a common SVN "playground" for us

> such that we can co-work and share ideas and code.


> I invite you as SVN committers for the wordaxe library, if you like!

> Or perhaps ReportLab.com could open a branch on SVN for contributions?

> That way other RL users would find it more easily.

> And BTW this would be a good place to create unofficial documentation and samples as well.

I just modified the Paragraph implementation because I needed to... but
you are totally right that a combined effort would bring things to a
better end.

I had a look at your implementation and it looks like a good starting
point. The implementation of Dinu is clean but I guess it does not yet
offer all the features the Reportlab Paragraph offers.

All that I need is a paragraph object that takes fragments where each
fragment can have some style properties. I see this in your
implementation, Henning, and the general abstraction look usable. Maybe
one could go a step further and try to to get again more small
maintainable peaces like Dinu did.

Since my time to spend on this is limited I can not promise to be a big
help. But I would gladly accept a SVN access to contribute as time
allows me to. But of course you are also invited to join my XHTML2PDF
SVN repository or we can just set up a new one on Google Code. That's
just a matter of minutes.

BTW: The last feature that I would like to implement are borders for
inline elements. Maybe I add them to the existing paragraph too.

@robin: My implementation gets trouble if used in multi pass. Since this
is not important for me, I just ignored it there. See
for the latest changes.


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