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henning.vonbargen at arcor.de henning.vonbargen at arcor.de
Thu Oct 23 15:45:59 EDT 2008

> Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 00:23:57 +0200

> From: Dirk Holtwick <dirk.holtwick at gmail.com>

> Subject: Re: [reportlab-users] [Feature-Request]

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> Well, I implemented the background feature for Paragraphs. It is based

> on the Reportlab 2.1 version because I have to avoid the trouble and

> bugs with the non breaking spaces (see older mails).


> You can set the background by setting the attribute "backColor" in

> ParaFrags. They will respect the font sizes, The speedup functions are

> not used, because they needed to be changed an therefore I turned them off.


> Here is the code. Hope you find it useful. But I think the Paragraph

> module should have a general cleanup and refactoring since the code is

> difficult to understand.


> http://code.google.com/p/xhtml2pdf/source/browse/branches/3.0/sx/pisa3/repor

> tlab_paragraph.py


> Use Pisa/ XHTML2PDF <http://www.xhtml2pdf.com/> to try this feature by

> using code like this:


> <span style="background:yellow">Yellow Background</span>


> Dirk

It seems that at least Dirk, Dinu and I (in the wordaxe SVN at http://deco-cow.svn.sourceforge.net, see file wordaxe/rl/NewParagraph.py) all are working on a new Paragraph implementation.

Perhaps it'd make sense to set up a common SVN "playground" for us
such that we can co-work and share ideas and code.

I invite you as SVN committers for the wordaxe library, if you like!
Or perhaps ReportLab.com could open a branch on SVN for contributions?
That way other RL users would find it more easily.
And BTW this would be a good place to create unofficial documentation and samples as well.


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