[reportlab-users] pyRXP sources and question about potential memory leak?

Samuele Kaplun Samuele.Kaplun at cern.ch
Fri Nov 21 08:41:29 EST 2008

Dear Andy,

Il Wednesday 19 November 2008 18:36:13 Andy Robinson ha scritto:

> We use it daily in production in many applications, but we haven't updated

> its web page properly in recent months.


> It's mature with no changes in a long time, and definitely production

> quality.


> The latest code is at

> http://svn.reportlab.com/svn/public/pyRXP/trunk/

thanks a lot for the quick answer and for the URL. Glad to discover that pyRXP
has not disappeared :-)

BTW in the project I'm involved in we use it as a part of one of our core
library, and we're experiencing a strange behaviour: as part of our tools we
instantiate an instance of the parser, and we parse thousands of snippets of
XML, one at a time via the parse method of this same pyRXP.Parser instance.
We keep the same instance in order to avoid latency in the initialization.
However, this procedure is getting slower and slower each time a snipped is
parsed. Could it be that pyRXP has a memory leak or is keeping permanent
information although these will not be used in the next snippet parsing?

Best regards,


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