[reportlab-users] pyRXP sources

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed Nov 19 12:36:13 EST 2008

2008/11/19 Samuele Kaplun <Samuele.Kaplun at cern.ch>:

> Dear ReportLab team,

> I'm interested in your pyRXP project but I wasn't able to retrieve it from

> your website. Around I found inconsistent release numbers (1.12, 1.09...)

> while on your website you refer to version 0.9. The svn tree seems to not

> contain it anymore.

> Is the project abandoned? Is there a way to retrieve the last valid version

> ever?

We use it daily in production in many applications, but we haven't updated
its web page properly in recent months.

It's mature with no changes in a long time, and definitely production quality.

The latest code is at

Best Regards

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