[reportlab-users] Future of py2pdf

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Wed Nov 19 05:50:48 EST 2008


I've just looked again at a tool named py2pdf, that I wrote
and that was included in the ReportLab distribution in 2001
I think (with reportlab 0.92 or so!). AFAIK, the Python Wing
IDE used this module and maybe still does.

Apart from being pretty old code (that still seems to work,
though, and for which I got maybe two little buglets repor-
ted in all these years) I wonder if I should put it again
on my list of things to refurbish. Ideally, I'd like to
distribute it as a self contained package, which should
demand less repackaging and reportlab knowledge from users
to get it running right off the shelf.

I understand that I can have access to the RL SVN repository
to work on it, but I wonder if that would change the instal-
lation issues? Ideally, py2pdf would only need the right
entries in the setup.py script of the RL distro, but the RL
release cycle is counterproductive for a quick propagation
of updates.

So I think I will demand from ReportLab to remove py2pdf
from its distribution starting with the next release, and
distribute it myself as a seperate package, including as
one of these insanely ubiquitous "eggs".

Therefore, I'd like to know if anybody here would suffer
from such a plan? If this would be the case for you, please
let me know.



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