[reportlab-users] how to make text-image searchable

zhang bin zhangbinjr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 02:13:12 EST 2008

Have you ever noticed that some old pdf files's character glyphs are
not as clear as the standard font.Besides,you can search some characters by
the adobe reader. But some can not.
I thought this type of pdf is just an image from the scanner drawing on the
pdf canvas.The producer can not ensure the high accuracy of the text OCR.So
they just provide extract text information.In this way ,the pdf file's text
is right when reading,but reduce the search text accuracy.
My question is how can they relate the image's information with the
text information,which makes adobe reader can search the text. can reportlab
do this job? I have tried reportlab simply paint the text image to pdf which
can not search the characters.And I have a "stupid" solution, paint the text
image to the canvas,the show the character in a transparent way in the exact
position as the text image.But any better ways? Thanks a lot.
best regards,
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