[reportlab-users] Flowing onto second column

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Feb 14 10:41:26 EST 2008

Jim Steil wrote:

> Tim Roberts wrote:

>> Jim Steil wrote:


>>> Is there an easy way to get data to flow to a second column the way

>>> you can get it to flow to multiple pages with Platypus?


>> Sure. You just create multiple frames, one for each column, and add

>> the collection of frames when you create the PageTemplate.


>> Here's a web page that shows an example:

>> http://www.hoboes.com/Mimsy/?ART=558


> Ok, I'm trying to get my report working per the instructions at the link

> above. However, I've changed it a bit because instead of having

> paragraphs display in my columns, I have tables that I want to snake

> around the columns. So, where this doc refers to paragraphs in the

> 'items' list, I'm appending tables. But, when I get to the

> document.build(posts) statement, I get the following dump:


> Traceback (most recent call last):

> File "C:\PyWork\Motion\motion\utility\priceSheet.py", line 187, in

> <module>

> priceSheets(filename)

> File "C:\PyWork\Motion\motion\utility\priceSheet.py", line 178, in

> priceSheets

> go(doc, c)

> File "C:\PyWork\Motion\motion\utility\priceSheet.py", line 167, in go

> doc.build(allData)

> File "c:\python25\lib\site-packages\reportlab\platypus\doctemplate.py",

> line 749, in build

> tr.srcFile,

> AttributeError: Field instance has no attribute 'srcFile'


> I'm stumped as to where I should look for the problem. Can anyone give

> me any clues?

well tr is obtained because the erroneous flowable was given some sort of
_traceInfo. That should be an object with the following attributes


if it doesn't have those attributes then an error will result. I don't think
there's any way that _traceInfo can be non None unless it's being set somewhere
deliberately. Just create a tracing class and use that instead of a simple
string or whatever. I suppose we could consider allowing _traceInfo to be a
simple string of your choosing and using that rather than a structured object. I
have to confess I know little (or perhaps have forgotten) about this code. I
suspect in the modern world we'd just make _traceInfo something with a __str__
method (or a str).
Robin Becker

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