[reportlab-users] Wrong characters displayed with AcrobatReader

François Wautier ps2 at fwconsult.com
Mon Apr 7 16:51:34 EDT 2008


I looked at your file. With KPDF it looked fine, but with Acrobat it looked
even worse than you had described: a few random charaters was all I saw.

I also generate Thai/Japanese charaters in documents using Reportlab. It works
quite nicely and I have no problem with acrobat.

I use the free Cyberbit font. What font do you use?


On Monday 07 April 2008 23:17:49 Paolo G. Cantore wrote:

> Dear all, (2nd attempt: this time with pdf included)


> I want to use Reportlab for generating PDF documents with TrueType fonts

> including thai, chinese, japanese and korean characters / graphs.


> My tests look very promising as I am able to generate PDFs which are

> displayed and printed correctly with xpdf or evince (standard viewer for

> Gnome). But to my absolute surprise the same PDFs are not displayed

> correctly with AcrobatReader. There must be an astonishing algorithm

> implemented in AcrobatReader which converts in a random manner one

> character into another in the whole document.


> Please try to open the attached PDF with AdobeReader and you'll see what

> I mean. In the PDF all "c" characters are converted to "Y" characters

> (Certificate ==> CertifiYate). In other cases I had "a" converted to

> "7". When you open the PDF with xpdf or other viewers all is okay.


> The font used is Norasi (UTF-8 unicode) but the same applies to Cyberbit.


> Is this a known behaviour of AcrobatReader?

> Am I doing something wrong?

> Do you have any suggestions or work around how to avoid this displaying

> problem?


> Thank you!

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