[reportlab-users] reportlab, pisa, and unicode

adam hyde adam at flossmanuals.net
Mon Oct 15 05:43:00 EDT 2007



> it seems that the problem is a font problem. I wrote a little test

> program that shows the problem. Maybe you have to choose a different

> font in the stylesheet of my demo to make it work.

You mean a style sheet in the demo in the source? I was just using your
online version. I will install reportlab (and pisa) locally and try your
example app.

> I think there are

> more competent people on this list that may give you a hint on this?

> Another problem could be, that the text runs from left to right. I think

> this is not supported by reportlab yet?


ah...thats an interesting point...is there anyone on the list that has
experience with this?



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