[reportlab-users] reportlab, pisa, and unicode

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Wed Oct 31 13:34:28 EDT 2007


I just wanted to let you know that I released a new version of "pisa"
today. Maybe it is useful for some of you as it is able to handle HTML
and CSS in an improved way and uses Reportlab to generate PDF. Here is a
small abstract on it:

"pisa is a html2pdf converter using the ReportLab Toolkit, HTML5lib and
pyPdf. It supports HTML 5 and CSS 2.1 (and some of CSS 3). It is
completely written in pure Python so it is platform independent. The
main benefit of this tool may be that a user with Web skills like HTML
and CSS is able to generate PDF templates very quickly without learning
new technologies."

Get it here <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pisa/3.0.9>

Wish you a spooky Halloween ;-)


adam hyde schrieb:

> hi,


> I was trawling the reportlab archives for info on html to pdf conversion

> and found the wonderful pisa listed in the archives.


> It works very well...congrats to Dirk and others that developed it :)


> For my uses was looking at using reportlab as I currently use htmldoc

> for pdf generation of html. However htmldoc doesn't suport unicode.

> Apparently Reportlab does?


> However I entered some Farsi characters in the demo field of Pisa and it

> returned a blank page...anyone have any ideas if this might be a

> reportlab issue or a pisa issue? (ie. does reportlab really support

> unicode?)


> adam

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