[reportlab-users] reportlab, pisa, and unicode

Dirk Holtwick holtwick at spirito.de
Mon Oct 15 05:33:52 EDT 2007

Hi Adam,

> I used just the characters from here:

> http://www.kishtpc.com/tourist%20restaurant.farsi.htm

it seems that the problem is a font problem. I wrote a little test
program that shows the problem. Maybe you have to choose a different
font in the stylesheet of my demo to make it work. I think there are
more competent people on this list that may give you a hint on this?
Another problem could be, that the text runs from left to right. I think
this is not supported by reportlab yet?

>> New versions and more informations will be available on the PISA

>> homepage: <http://pisa.spirito.de> New versions are likely to be

>> published in late November 2007.


> This is _very_ exciting news. I am going to use it for our manuals (we

> write free manuals about free software using a wiki and gen pdf for

> download and print on demand)

Great. That's a good example for what the tool was supposed to be used ;-)

> New versions in nov is excellento...it seems you had been working on

> this for a long time? You were quite early to it. What was your

> motivation? It seems like the recent swell in Print on demand services

> will make all your hard work suddenly very popular (i hope)

Well the motivation to write PISA some years ago was, that printing a
HTML page didn't bring good results. Another one was that we needed to
get some PDF reports or things like dynamic "invoices" and "letters" out
of some Intranet applications. As our Application Server works best with
HTML we wrote this tool. But the main reason was, that there was no
alternative those days except RML, which was to expensive for our
clients and to strict in it's XML syntax.

But PISA would never been possible without the great work of Reportlab
and their toolkit, so the compliments have to go to them and their great
support for the Python and PDF community!

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