[reportlab-users] Reportlab compiling in Linux

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Wed May 2 05:11:46 EDT 2007

> ......


> Hi David, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Perhaps you could explain what you

> mean by 'compile'? Did you manage to get reportlab to do what you want or not?

> The only bits that might need compiling are the various C extensions that might

> be required to produce bitmaps (or to accelerate the other bits of reportlab).

> So far as I know the latest code doesn't break in 64 bit environments, but so

> far I've only been able to build on 32 bit machines plus a single AMD64 freeBSD

> system without any problems. Perhaps you could say what you're trying to achieve

> and what environment you're using for the development?

> --

> Robin Becker

Is it possible the administrator is actually talking about compiling
Python, not ReportLab's libraries? That might well be more of a
headache if he hasn't done it before.

- Andy

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