[reportlab-users] Reportlab compiling in Linux

David Frank david83 at sfsu.edu
Wed May 2 15:04:11 EDT 2007

Hi Rich, Robin, and Andy,

Thank you for your replies. Python is not the problem because I have run
several python applications on the same machine
without any issues. I think it's just with ReportLab. I guess I was using
the wrong word when I stated the problem. The System
Admin is not able to build the software. I told him to use the ready made
software, but he refuses to do so since he says that
the Server machine is very different from the normal computer (duh!). He
says that since it is not mentioned anywhere that
reportlab can be used on a 64-bit computer, it is better to build the
software. Then, he ran like a thousand commands (all from
the documentation, of course) and then told me that he could not build it.
He ran the tests, (reportlab/tests) and they all failed. I
asked him to give me the error message so that I can use them in the
forum, but he said that there were a lot of errors and he
could not get them all back. He told the errors were because Reportlab did
not compile properly. In other words, he means
that reportlab was not built properly. I'm quite sure that the fault was
on his side since he's known to have caused problems
with other people's applications before.

But, it is good to hear that reportlab has no problem with a 64-bit
processor. The development environment is as such: 64-bit
Xeon processor, 4 GB RAM, CentOS operating system (a version of RHL
Enterprise), Dell Cluster. Pretty robust environment
actually !!! The location of the python library files are
/usr/lib64/python2.3 and the location of the python interpreter is

I've installed reportlab onto my home directory. I've set the $PATH
variable to point to the reportlab folder location but it looks like
that is not going to be enough and that I will need to add the '.pth' file
in the location of the python interpreter which is /usr/bin in my
case. I dont know if that will fix all these problems for me but that is
what I can try for now.

I truly appreciate all your efforts. I will be grateful for some more
advise on what I should do to get out of this nightmare.

Thank you,


> Hi David, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Perhaps you could explain

what you

> mean by 'compile'? Did you manage to get reportlab to do what you want

or not?

> The only bits that might need compiling are the various C extensions

that might

> be required to produce bitmaps (or to accelerate the other bits of


> So far as I know the latest code doesn't break in 64 bit environments,

but so

> far I've only been able to build on 32 bit machines plus a single AMD64


> system without any problems. Perhaps you could say what you're trying to


> and what environment you're using for the development?

> --

> Robin Becker

> Is it possible the administrator is actually talking about compiling

> Python, not ReportLab's libraries? That might well be more of a

> headache if he hasn't done it before.

> - Andy

> David,

> How many Python libraries do you have installed on your system(s)? The

> reportlab download should be untarred in some directory, then a user


> root privileges types 'python setup.py install'. That automatically runs


> build routine, then installs the libraries where your


> directory is located.

> Unlike an application written in C or C++. you don't need to follow the

> five-step: untar, cd to that directory, ./configure, make, make install.

> - Rich

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