[reportlab-users] Asian text not rendered

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Tue Jul 31 14:02:16 EDT 2007

J Maxwell wrote:

> Tim Roberts wrote:

>> J Maxwell wrote:


>>> Japanese text in pdf files produced by reportlab 2.0 displays in some

>>> pdf viewers, but not in others.

>>> ...

>>> Can reportlab be tweaked to avoid this anomaly?


>> It is interesting to me that you view this as a failure in ReportLab,

>> rather than a failure in kpdf.


>> Are you sure you have the correct fonts installed? There's nothing

>> magic about Japanese text. The key is the fonts. The sample uses

>> HeiseiMin and HeiseiKakuGo. It's possible, for example, that your

>> OpenOffice test is using a different font, which kpdf happens to know about.



> It is interesting to me that you view my post as a belief in the

> failure of ReportLab.

> This perhaps reveals a certain bias in your thinking.


> You write that there's '...nothing magic about Japanese text." Well,

> it seems that reportlab was unable to grasp this simple truth.

> Unfortunately the developers have not done their homework if it's up

> to the end-user to choose the 'right' font among fonts known to be

> present on a system.


> " Can reportlab be tweaked to avoid this anomaly? " I asked.

> Apparently not.


> I'll be sticking with OpenOffice when I need to make a pdf file.

> And now for the barrage from disinterested acolytes.

I didn't insult you or your intelligence, and I'm not at all sure why
you responded so violently. I was merely trying to suggest a method to
isolate the problem more specifically. ReportLab is being used
successfully with other non-ASCII character sets; there is no difference
between Cyrillic and Japanese in this regard, so it seems clear that
some more characterization is needed.

I don't speak for ReportLab. I'm merely an interested user. Don't
discard the product because of what I said.

Tim Roberts, timr at probo.com
Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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