[reportlab-users] Asian text not rendered

J Maxwell jmaxwell at aapt.net.au
Mon Jul 30 23:15:22 EDT 2007

Tim Roberts wrote:

> J Maxwell wrote:


>> Japanese text in pdf files produced by reportlab 2.0 displays in some

>> pdf viewers, but not in others.


>> The demo Japanese pdf file from the reportlab site

>> (http://www.reportlab.org/docs/jmed.pdf) displays correctly using the

>> Evince pdf viewer on fedora 6, but the Japanese text isn't rendered at

>> all when using the Kpdf viewer.


>> However, a pdf file with Japanese text produced by openoffice is

>> rendered in both evince and kpdf viewers without any difficulty.


>> Reportlab 2.0 files that I have produced with Japanese text also fail

>> to be rendered accurately in kpdf, but show in the evince pdf viewer.


>> Can reportlab be tweaked to avoid this anomaly?


> It is interesting to me that you view this as a failure in ReportLab,

> rather than a failure in kpdf.


> Are you sure you have the correct fonts installed? There's nothing

> magic about Japanese text. The key is the fonts. The sample uses

> HeiseiMin and HeiseiKakuGo. It's possible, for example, that your

> OpenOffice test is using a different font, which kpdf happens to know about.



It is interesting to me that you view my post as a belief in the failure
of ReportLab.
This perhaps reveals a certain bias in your thinking.

You write that there's '...nothing magic about Japanese text." Well, it
seems that reportlab was unable to grasp this simple truth.
Unfortunately the developers have not done their homework if it's up to
the end-user to choose the 'right' font among fonts known to be present
on a system.

" Can reportlab be tweaked to avoid this anomaly? " I asked. Apparently not.

I'll be sticking with OpenOffice when I need to make a pdf file.
And now for the barrage from disinterested acolytes.

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