[reportlab-users] FW: Problem with linkAbsolute in trunk.

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Fri Apr 13 05:19:32 EDT 2007

Ian Sparks wrote:
........eter :


> D["Border"] = PDFArray(border)


> With no prior attempt to do something like :


> border = RescueFromParameter(D["Border"])


> And that's what my fix attempted to do. But if we just need to change

> the docs to say "In order to draw a border around your links you need

> to..." then fine.



I am changing _annFormat so it won't overwrite an existing Border or C entry in
the dict; that just makes the other parameters irrelevant unless we have some
more or less complicated scheme to use them as overrides on the existing Border
entry (either synthesized or provided). However, that would require Border to be
provided as a simple list or tuple and not as a string or PDFArray so it's
probably simpler to use provided items verbatim.
Robin Becker

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