[reportlab-users] can reportlab combine PDFs and/or add apassword to a PDF?

Mark Turansky mark.turansky at benefitfocus.com
Wed Apr 11 20:31:54 EDT 2007

3 replies within an hour. That's the mark of an excellent open source product with outstanding support.

Thank you very much to all who replied. You've given me plenty to work on.



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On Wednesday 11 April 2007 18:26, George Kappel wrote:

> pdftk is limiting when you are trying to keep features like bookmarks

> working so if you can handle a little bit of java checkout iText. This

> will run with java or gcj


> Following is a snippet taken from the iText docs and altered to encrypt,

> compress and concat any # of pdf files while maintaining the integrity

> of bookmarks

There is a simple utility called pyPdf that can combine and extract pages. I
do not know how good it is with your requirements, but it also does

There is an extension to reportlab called PageCatcher that probably does most
of what you are asking for, but I let one of the ReportLab guys respond

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