[reportlab-users] FW: linkAnnotate and linkRect, relative to transforms : Bug Report for trunk?

Ian Sparks Ian.Sparks at etrials.com
Thu Apr 12 09:28:05 EDT 2007

This one didn't get through last time I sent it... So here goes again.

I use linkRect() a lot and I also do a lot of scaling and translating.
When I updated to trunk all my linkRects were off by a considerable
margin from where I expected them to be. Today I finally tracked down
the issue. It's the parameter "relative" that linkRect now takes. Here's
an example program that shows the problem. I think the fix is to make
the default relative value for a linkRect be = 1/True.

Basically, a linkRect() with relative = True will obey the
scaling/translations (which is what I want!) but linkAbsolute I think is
meant to be a link related to the default page and so passes relative=0
to linkRect().

Can we have :

def linkRect(self, contents, destinationname, Rect=None,
addtopage=1, name=None, relative=1,

thickness=0, color=None, dashArray=None, **kw):

In canvas.py please? Alternatively I'll have to change all my calls to

Finally. I thought scaling and transforms were supposed to be additive?
My last example I scale by 50% then move 5 inches up. Doesn't look like
anything is scaled anymore?

Test prog :

from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas

from reportlab.lib.units import inch, cm

from reportlab.lib import colors

def makePage(canv,title):


canv.linkAbsolute("test1", "t1",(inch, inch, 6*inch,
2*inch),Border='[1 1 1]')

canv.linkRect('test2','t1',[50,50,100,100],Border='[1 1


if __name__ == '__main__':

canv = canvas.Canvas('test.pdf')



#Test page


#Make 50% smaller


makePage(canv,'50% Scaled')

#Move origin up 5 inches


makePage(canv,'Scaled and moved 5 inches up')



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