[reportlab-users] ZapfDingbats icon problem

Dave S report at pusspaws.net
Fri Nov 24 18:33:45 EST 2006

On Friday 24 November 2006 21:44, Andy Robinson wrote:

> > So being a little dumb here ... reportlab has the ZapfDingbats font, If I

> > use the above script and open the resulting PDF in Linux's Konqueror it

> > shows as expected. I assume it would show as expected in acrobat reader

> > also.


> Actually, we don't have these fonts. The PDF specification states that

> they are present in Adobe Reader, and we just have to put the right

> bytes in the file.

OK with you so far - so its all about the reader being able to decode the byte
into the correct symbol (ref font) & display it


> Let's compare how Adobe Reader behaves on our platforms.

> In Adobe Reader 7.0 on Win XP Pro, I see all the icons fine after running..

> reportlab\demos\stdfonts\stdfonts.py

> ..and looking at the last page of...

> StandardFonts_WinAnsi.pdf


So do I - even the ZapfDingbats (small chear !) :)


> I then go to File | Document Properties | Fonts and see the following

> entries for ZapfDingbats.

> Type: Type 1

> Encoding: BuiltIn

> Actual Font: AdobePiStd

> Actual Font Type: Type 1


Same here

> What does it say on your Linux?

Very similar info to Adobe Reader but in a different format

> Sometimes Adobe Reader may use local

> fonts on the system to display things (e.g. it uses ArialMT on my system

> to display Helvetica), and my hunch is that it might be doing this and

> picking up a font with a different encoding.


> I know nothing about

> Linux fonts and whether they are shared by different apps.



OK so I run my script - generate my own temp.pdf,

KPDF the linux PDF reader renders it as I would expect, re reading François
comments it appears that he can render it in Linux as well.

However XP Adobe Reader just renders it as black squares. I have attached my
temp.pdf - can you guys read it in XP ?




> - Andy

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