[reportlab-users] ZapfDingbats icon problem

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Nov 24 16:44:06 EST 2006

> So being a little dumb here ... reportlab has the ZapfDingbats font, If I use

> the above script and open the resulting PDF in Linux's Konqueror it shows as

> expected. I assume it would show as expected in acrobat reader also.

Actually, we don't have these fonts. The PDF specification states that
they are present in Adobe Reader, and we just have to put the right
bytes in the file.

Let's compare how Adobe Reader behaves on our platforms.
In Adobe Reader 7.0 on Win XP Pro, I see all the icons fine after running..
..and looking at the last page of...

I then go to File | Document Properties | Fonts and see the following
entries for ZapfDingbats.
Type: Type 1
Encoding: BuiltIn
Actual Font: AdobePiStd
Actual Font Type: Type 1

What does it say on your Linux? Sometimes Adobe Reader may use local
fonts on the system to display things (e.g. it uses ArialMT on my system
to display Helvetica), and my hunch is that it might be doing this and
picking up a font with a different encoding. I know nothing about
Linux fonts and whether they are shared by different apps.

- Andy

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