[reportlab-users] ZapfDingbats icon problem

Dave S report at pusspaws.net
Fri Nov 24 15:46:43 EST 2006

On Friday 24 November 2006 09:56, Robin Becker wrote:

> Dave S wrote:

> > On Friday 24 November 2006 01:10, François Wautier wrote:

> >> Hi,


> .........


> > You are right ! In Adobe reader on XP and Linux its a no show, on

> > Konqueror it shows AOK

> >

> > I thought (reading the reportlab docs) that ZapfDingbats was a guaranteed

> > (built in) font ? I guess not !

> >

> > Thanks for your help

> >

> > Dave


> .......


> That font is a builtin with acrobat reader. Any other reader will likely

> present problems;

Ahh ... the reader that came with my copy of XP is adobe reader - so although
reportlab supports ZapfDingbats, adobe reader appears not to so the black
squares ...

> did you try running the

> reportlab/demos/stdfonts/stdfonts.py demo script.

I just ran it and got the 2 x pdfs, complete with a list of all the
ZapfDingbats icons.

So being a little dumb here ... reportlab has the ZapfDingbats font, If I use
the above script and open the resulting PDF in Linux's Konqueror it shows as
expected. I assume it would show as expected in acrobat reader also.

Sooooo how do I get my pdf to show as expected in XPs standard adobe reader -
at a guess I would have to import the font into the generated PDF document -
or am I missing something ?

Assuming I am right I looked in reportlabs fonts dir but could not find the
ZapfDingbats font there.

Can anyone clarify this for me - I am a little confused



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