[reportlab-users] page format

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Nov 3 06:10:15 EST 2006

Chris Withers wrote:
> Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Technically PDF supports 'rotation' as well but I don't think we have 
>> exposed it.  Acrobat Reader is smart enough to display 'rotated A4 
>> portrait' and 'A4 landscape' the same way on screen so users and 
>> printers cannot tell the difference.
> Hmmm, this might explain some problems I've been having recently...
> Is PageCatcher aware of rotation?
> I think Acrobat generates PDFs which use rotation rather than changing 
> the page dimensions, so landscape PDFs generated with Acrobat and 
> handled with PageCatcher end up being rotated to portrait...

You can use the additional API in the PdfExplorer object to 'query' the 
size and rotation of any page, then draw your PDFs which come out 
accordingly.  But you have to handle it yourself on output.

- Andy

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