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Canvas.addPostscriptCommand was intended for injecting tray commands into the output for us on Postscript printers, and Adobe has now deprecated it. 

Unfortunately PDF is not really postscript and including raw postscript will not work. The best approach is probably to export SVG from Illustrator or Inkscape and to use Dinu Gherman's SVG module to draw it. 

Finally let me just say that the list price of our framework is what it should be if, say, you are a government deprtment wanting to complete a million tax forms online who might spend months talking to us - but we frequently discount it for smaller low volume projects  and for developers with Python skills.  Just email directly with a description of the intended use. It will never be the price of Winzip though!  

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Is it possible to use reportlab to include image files generated with other tools (e.g., Adobe Illustrator). For instance, I see that there is a Canvas.addPostScriptCommand method. Why doesn't it work to just insert the eps file as a string through that?

Or failing that, are there standard command line tools for superimposing pdfs onto each other to mimic that effect?

I know you can include images by paying for pagecatcher, but the 15,000+ GBP license is about 500 times beyond my price range at the moment.

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