[reportlab-users] RE: Problems with filling cells with large paragraphs

Henning von Bargen H.vonBargen at t-p.com
Thu Feb 2 03:27:50 EST 2006


I think this should go into some FAQ.

RE: Long words

These are common in German and other languages,
but rare in English.

Please take a look at the project deco-cow.sourceforge.net.
It offers (basic) hyphenation support for paragraphs in
the ReportLab toolkit.

It contains a patched version of paragraph.py
based on RL 1.18 (or 1.19? - I don't quite remember).

Basically, all you have to do is to to replace the
file paragraph.py and in the paragraph style,
supply a Hyphenator instance.

For German, there's the SiSiSiHyphenator class,
for English one can try PyHnjHyphenator,
for all other languages use BaseHyphenator
or develop your own derived class.

I think deco-cow is your friend.

RE: long paragraphs

This is also FAQ.
In the current implementation, tables do not support
splitting INSIDE cells.
Thus, if a single cell is too big to fit on the page,
you get the LayoutError.

There have been some ideas on how to solve this,
one was from someone "Down Under", as I recall,
and another one sent to Robin Becker by private
email in January 2005. Perhaps he can help you.


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