[reportlab-users] ReportLab vs LaTex

Klaas Freitag kraft at freisturz.de
Thu Dec 28 16:40:27 EST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2006 18:38 schrieb Tim Roberts:

> Each one has its place.  If I were writing a book or a research paper,

> I'd use LaTeX.  If I were creating a registration form or an inventory

> report, I'd use ReportLab.

What would you recommend for a invoice or offer document?

I ended up to use ReportLab & trml2pdf because of
- little dependencies. Reportlab is 'just' a lib for the python
system of the installed system while LaTeX brings a huge bunch
of software.
- good control of layout and appearence- already mentioned
- I was thinking that ReportLabs generated PDF is more "nice" than
the PDF generated as outcome of the LaTeX toolchain. I wonder if
you share that experience?

However there are always downsides. For example I haven't found
out yet how I get a printed carryover (not sure if the term is
correct, hard to find out for non native speaker, german is
'Übertragssumme') from one page to another like this:

5. bla bla
4 Pcs. a 50 $ 200 $
Page sum 200 $ ---------+
============ snip: Next Page =============== | goes here.
Carryover: 200$ <--------+

6. Blub foo bar
1 Pcs. a 400 $ 400$
Total 600$

Thanks for any hints on that :-) I create a rml file with a home
grown template system and call trml2pdf.

Best regards,


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