[reportlab-users] RML error reporting

Ted Skolnick ted.skolnick at reis.com
Tue Aug 1 12:42:50 EDT 2006

We have been using rml2pdf for years and are pretty comfortable with it, but
we could still use more help to faster debug problems in our RML.   When the
problem is XML parsing, the parser points us right to the line and character
in the document.  When the problem is a count mismatch in column widths/rows
and table cells, we get a hint because the engine tells us the contents of a
table cell in the offending row.    That helps, but still involves
searching.   When the problem is with a table style referring to cells that
don't exist, we don't know what table or style the engine was working on.   



Are there any improvements on RML error reporting planned or recently


My interim fix:

I made a small hack to table.py to show the name of the style it is trying
to apply when it blows up.  That at least gives me something to go on when
working with a big document containing lots of tables.   I can supply
information about this hack, if anyone is interested.





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