[reportlab-users] adobe printing problem

Japhet Stevens japhet_s at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 19 17:44:17 EDT 2006

I'm having trouble getting a reciept to print correctly from Adobe Reader.

The printer i'm using is a futurePRNT recept printer with paper that is 72mm 
wide.  I set up the printer so that Adobe prints in this 72mm wide by 
default, however there is always an approximately 5 cm margin at the top.

This margin does not appear in the document itself.  The document was 
created with all margins set to zero.  When viewing the document, the text 
begins right at the very top of the page as it should.  It is only when the 
document is printed that the margin appears.

I'm using reportlab to create the pdf (here's the code if it helps: 

I get a pdf generated and I am fairly happy with the results, but I was 
interesting in seeing if any of you have encountered this problem with 
smaller paper sizes and if you know what to do.



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