[reportlab-users] Re: Damaged pdf file in release mode Compile

Thomas Zehbe tz at ingenion.de
Wed Apr 19 08:25:25 EDT 2006

Am Mittwoch, 19. April 2006 09:53 schrieb Henning von Bargen:
> > Thomas Zehbe wrote:
> >
> > I mean file streams not the PDF stream objects. If opened as
> > text then we get
> > problems because '\n' becomes '\r\n' so the lengths etc go
> > wrong. If you're just
> > using BaseDoctemplate then the filename only is used and the
> > canvas should open
> > it properly in its save method.
> Thomas,
> I don't know if this is of any relevance to your problem,
> but somewhere in the mists of my memories I think I once
> read about compiling Python (on another platform, though)
> that compiler optimizations can result in wrong code.
> Perhaps you should (as a first effort) disable all optimizations
> in your release build, check if the program is working, and then
> - step by step - enable the differenz optimizer options again.
> Just my 0,02 EUR
> Henning
Hi Henning,
Thanks for your hint! But I think your case doesn't apply because I'm using 
the python lib "as is". I simply call a hand full of functions from that lib 
from a single C++ objects method. And as the calling convention remains the 
same in optimized code all the parameters should be pushed on the stack as 
usual. There must be something wrong in the executables environment or in the 
code selected by the linker. Who knows. It's remarkable that the interpreter 
doesn't crash. The pdf file is created and looks ok at first sight. The fix 
would be easier if acrobat would produce a more elaborated error message 
instead of "oh, somethings wrong here" ...
Using Ghostscript from the commandline at least gives this message:
 **** Warning:  An error occurred while reading an XREF table.

But I'll test switching off the optimizer for the sources which include 

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