[reportlab-users] Splitting large tables over multiple pages.

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Tue Oct 18 05:34:34 EDT 2005

Riaan Lombaard wrote:
> Obviously my table is too large and therefore it cuts my columns off and
> not expands it to the next page. Is there any options I can set to do
> this split for me?  
> Or do I need to do this in my code by determining maximum amount of
> columns that will fit on a page and break my list up to handle this? If
> so is there a way I can determine the size of the printed column and
> then make my decisions based on that?
column splitting is not implemented yet. If you know the width of your columns 
you should certainly calculate the split yourself. An alternative is to use a 
modified table which just squashes itself to fit at draw time.
Robin Becker

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