[reportlab-users] Re: Visual Editor.

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Thu Nov 24 17:37:02 EST 2005

> We are also investigating about the feasibility of a GUI for creating reports.  
> One would need access to a good 2d vector graphics lib just to get started. 
> (Pycairo+pygtk seems to be good enough, or maybe fork from skencil, etc).

Yes, I think that the right "ultimate solution" needs to support
paths, clipping and coordinate transformations.   But you could
get a very long way with a practical reporting / layout tool
without needing those features, by being able to define rectangles
and save their location.  It depends heavily if you are inspired
by InDesign/Illustrator or Crystal Reports ;-)

It's quite likely that our next major version could render whole
pages to a bitmap, because we can already render the Drawing objects
in renderPM.  A GUI is what we really need to drive it, because then 
there would be a real benefit to making proper "editable objects".

- Andy

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