[reportlab-users] Re: Visual Editor.

Andreas Kaiser akaiser at vocote.de
Thu Nov 24 16:34:16 EST 2005


so we have now requirements for a lot of toolkits:


I know, that the wxPython users need a designer "not only" PDF 
(ReportLab) based but for native "wxPython printing". Users of other 
GUI frameworks need the framework native printing too. And PDF 
printing is a must for all.

Now we should put all ideas independent of the framework in one bottle 
(is this correct english ;-)) ?).
The discussion about a report designer for PYTHON should take place on 
a central place and not divided about 2 or more mailinglists.

Is anybody out there which can support us with an own ML or should we 
use a yahoo list?

PS. My english is not so perfect, but I hope that I can learn a lot if 
  I involved in this project. Sorry about my mistakes. I hope that all 
readers can understand, what I mean.

Andreas Kaiser
vocote.de e.K.    ::    Programmierung - Internet - Beratung
Tel. 03741 222301 :: mobil 0172 3446687 :: akaiser at vocote.de

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