[reportlab-users] [ANNOUNCE] grabslides v0.99

Kent Tenney ktenney at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 13:19:47 EST 2005


This would be extremely useful to me, but I'm
having dependency problems.

I am running Ubuntu 5.10 and am not getting very far
trying to build PyV4L.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


On 11/8/05, Jerome Alet <alet at librelogiciel.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm pleased to announce that grabslides v0.99 is out.
> grabslides is Free Software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
> This is a Python command line tool which can be used to automatically
> capture frames from any Video4Linux device, or from any Axis TCP/IP
> Camera Servers (http://www.axis.com)
> grabslides can automatically generate PDF documents which contain
> all the grabbed frames, with the help of the ReportLab Toolkit
> (http://www.reportlab.org)
> You can download it or see sample output from :
>   http://cortex.unice.fr/~jerome/grabslides/
> We use this software at the Medicine School, University of Nice-Sophia
> Antipolis, to capture slides presented by teachers during the live
> and on-demand audio+video broadcasts of courses. A SMIL generator, which
> will be published later, ensures that both video and slides are properly
> synchronized.
> NB : the sample PDF document contains a frame grabbed from a camera,
> but we usually capture frames from the output of an RGB to composite
> converter, into which the VGA output of a PowerPoint/OpenOffice player is
> plugged.
> grabslides currently only works under *nix systems, although making
> it work under another environment is certainely possible (but we have
> no interest in doing so)
> hoping you'll like this
> bye
> Jerome Alet
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