[reportlab-users] Tables and spanning

Johan Paul Glutting reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 04 Oct 2004 17:18:23 +0200

Hmmm. Would this also include HTML-type formatting? What do you think of 
the idea of parsing xhtml and generating "native" layout / formatting 
internally? Or would it have to be a whole different set of classes?

I will take a look at the way you have handled markup in the Paragraph 
class when I get a chance, to see how you have done it thus far ...

But I see what you mean about HTML-type things. I am working on the 
newsletter for the kid's school, and I realized that newsletters are 
tricky little bits of formatted text, if you want to cram a lot of stuff 
on a single page. It would be easier to try ideas with html, style 
stuff, but I am not sure if the final result would be better.



En/na andy@reportlab.com ha escrit:

>> Are you talking about coding tables with XML tags, or are you talking 
> about
>> more / better functionality in the Table() class?
> I am talking about writing another table class which is designed to
> render (x)html tables.  It would make fundamentally different tradeoffs
> to ours.  In the long term I think we need both - HTML tables for
> intricate "one-off" tables with spanning and nesting, in a language
> which everyone knows how to do, and our own for 'styled' tables which
> are very good for financial and database work.
> I guess one should start by studying Mozilla code or some other O-S
> browser....
> Thanks,
> Andy

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