[reportlab-users] platypus tutorial

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 3 Oct 2004 08:15:19 +0100

> can anyone point me to some other platypus tutorials out there other 
> then the one in userguide.pdf? i find that tutorial breezes over the 
> basics too quickly nad doesn't explain 1/2 of whtat they are using in 
> it's examples.
> i'm started out manually defining the layout and working through the 
> userguide, that was fine, but suddenly it gives this very useful layout 
> tool but its very sparse on how it works.

You're right, it is too terse.  There are two things which might 
help right now:

First, read the user guide for our commercial product, RML2PDF:
This is essentially "platypus with XML tags instead of objects",
and it goes a lot further; in most cases each tag corresponds
to a Platypus class directly.  It's MUCH easier on the brain to
understand these things as markup than objects - which is why that's
the one we sell :) - but any Python developer should be able to
infer back to Platypus after reading it.

Secondly, look in reportlab/test for any script beginning
test_platypus_*.py.  Also, run them and look at the output
(which goes in your temp folder).  There are half a dozen
short examples.

- Andy