[reportlab-users] Computing chart size

Vladimir Prus reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 4 Oct 2004 18:53:33 +0400

Hi Johan,

> You can try this function I am using to generate graphs. It just uses a
> fixed size (which is probably what you want, since your page is always
> going to be the same size), but you can pass in the size you want
> specifically. It has some settings that are what I want for all my
> charts, and these cannot be changed (like the filled diamond, but you
> could pass that in as well).

Thanks, I like the result it produces. I've some questions, however:

1. Since the width is fixed, if I put more data, the data points are placed 
more closely. Is it possible to specify the spacing between data points, and 
compute the needed width of the image.

2. You use LineLegend, but my copy of sources have only "Legend". Is 
LineLegend a recent addition?

3. Where is 'makeMarker' defined?