[reportlab-users] Table rendering with HTML colspan and rowspan

Dirk Holtwick reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 02 Jul 2004 17:02:32 +0200


>Nice! I think you do it in this way:
> 1. First, you calculate hspans/vspans.
> 2. Then you do nested tables.
No, we don't use nested tables. It's a derivate of "Table" and there we 
use SPAN to do it. But I had some troubles that reportlab doesn't 
recognize these SPAN areas correctly. The paintig of the borders is done 
by BOX.

>I didn't see the other way how it might work with current implementation
>of ReportLab library... On the other hand, I am talking about col/row
>-span at ReportLab level, but "Pisa" seems like doing it at PML level.
>At least this is good workaround yet ReportLab grid tables does not
>support such feature.
>When you OpenSource your "Pisa" to at least to see the code inside? :-)
the code is rather complex. for itself it makes no sence to make it 
public, because it wouldn't work. the calculation is quite tricky and I 
haven't yet finished the work on it. maybe I'll do that later some time.

yours dirk


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